Alan Moore Still Hates Everything, Including the Newly Announced LXG Series


arts-graphics-2007_1181528a Comic book icon Alan Moore has never been afraid to express his feelings in regards to adaptations and extensions of his works. Case in point, when DC announced that a series of comics were to be created to be prequels to his acclaimed work Watchmen, the writer refused to give his support on the project, reportedly turning down a significant amount of money to endorse the prequels.

The eclectic Moore is still up to his old bag of tricks, offering up his disapproval of the latest take on a recently announced television series centered on his popular League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics.

“When [DC Comics] did the recent Watchmen prequel comics I said all of sorts of deeply offensive things about the modern entertainment industry clearly having no ideas of its own and having to go through dust bins and spittoons in the dead of night to recycle things. … The announcement that there is a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen television series hasn’t caused me to drastically alter my opinions. Now it seems they are recycling things that have already proven not to work.”

Ouch. But, as we know, he doesn’t really care what the entertainment industry thinks of him. The proposed series would air on the FX network and, needless to say, Moore will not be serving as producer or be involved in any way. At this point, there is an order for a pilot, but should it go to series, Michael Green (Heroes, Smallville) will write and executive produce.

For those not familiar, LXG follows a team created to fight evil, consisting of popular Victorian era literary characters such as Captain Nemo, Mina Harker, Allan Quatermain, the Invisible Man and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The 2003 film of the same name was a bit of a flop and also served as Sean Connery’s final film.


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Source : EW