AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Crew Address The Lack Of Superheros Criticism


shield bannerAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a show that started out with a lot of hope, promise, and goodwill but once the season started progressing a lot of those warm fuzzy feelings started to evaporate. Clark Gregg is still the beloved fan-favorite character he has always been, but a lot of fans have decided not even Agent Coulson can keep them watching S.H.I.E.L.D. Some of the complaints leveled at the show (fairly and unfairly) is a lack of chemistry between the characters, standalone episodes that halt the momentum of some of the larger arcs, and the lack of any recognizable comic book characters. The S.H.I.E.L.D. team addressed some of these criticisms in their latest on set interview.

shieldCBR had the rundown of the a set visit to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. The writers and producers teased Mike Peterson’s transformation into Deathlok and Lady Sif’s guest role, which we’ve heard a lot about the last several days. When it came time to talk about criticism though, Jeph Loeb addressed the lack of top tier superheroes:

There are still people online going, ‘We don’t understand why Iron Man isn’t on the show.’ Well, you know what? He’s not. I love Robert — [but he’s] not coming by any time soon. But if we are going to have Lady Sif, if we’re going to have Lorelei, if we’re going to have Deathlok, if we’re going to have Stan Lee [appearing in “T.R.A.C.K.S.”], that’s that stuff that we hope that same fanbase is going, ‘That’s what I was talking about. I wasn’t really thinking that the Hulk would be on the show, but if you give me Lorelei, I’ll come back next week.’

I don’t know what corners of the internet Loeb’s been visiting, but the complaints haven’t been so much that The Avengers aren’t showing up, but rather no characters with superpowers have been introduced. The show has seemingly been rectifying that recently, but it hasn’t been more than teases of things to possibly come.

Clark Gregg was a little more in touch with reality when he assured fans that the good stuff is coming up in the second half of the season. Say’s Gregg “Did you ever do that thing where you ate the healthy stuff first, and saved the dessert? We’re deep into dessert, right now. That work of setting up this world and these characters has been done. If you don’t do that well, and take the time to do it, no one cares that much about what happens after that.

One of the things Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell and Loeb agree on is that part of the reason the show is criticized is because viewers aren’t as patient as they used to be. Bell used X-Files taking seven years to reveal what happened to Mulder’s sister as an example. Bell thinks Netflix and the recent trend of binge watching a series leads to this impatience.

Loeb used Smallville, a show on which he was a producer, said they could never get away with Smallville now. Says Loeb “I don’t think we could have gone 10 seasons with Clark not putting on the cape and S in present society. At the end of episode 4, people would have said, ‘We don’t get it- where’s the costume? Let’s go.’” I’m not sure Smallville is the best example to us. They did have the costume, but it was a 10 second shot in a series finale that was generally disliked.

It does seem like the show is correcting some of the things that viewers didn’t like in the first half of the series, see Deathlok and Lady Sif for example, but it remains to be seen if it’s too little too late. Jeph Loeb is always a divisive figure among comic fans, so you have to take his comments with a little salt to make them go down easier no matter what he’s talking about. What do you think about the team’s comments? Do you think the second half of season two will pick things up?

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