Agent Coulson Is Back….As A New Hot Toys Figure At Least


Fan favorite Agent Phil Coulson helped unite the earth’s mightiest heroes against the combined might of Loki and a Thanos controlled Chitauri army. He paid the ultimate price, but he went out like a hero. Fans have made up all kinds of theories from him being turned into Vision to actually being a Life Model Decoy to try and make his return possible. It looks like he is really gone, but he isn’t forgotten.

Due in part to a massive fan push for Hot Toys to make a Coulson action figure like they did with all the other heroes, it is actually happening. There is only a teaser image right now but we know he will come equipped with his big gun.


Also announced was a Chitauri footsoldier figure. Now you can recreate all your favorite scenes from The Avengers and even have Coulson survive and save the day single-handedly if you want.

What say you? Excited about getting a Coulson figure? Are you adding this to your ever expanding Hot Toys collection? Sound off below.


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Source : MTV Splashpage