Founded in 2009, Comic Book Therapy has rapidly grown into an ever-expanding community of comic book lovers.

Our community consists of artists, creators, marketers, comic book stores owners and fans of all shapes and sizes who check in daily to read content and engage with other members.

Specifically, Comic Book Therapy covers comic book news, reviews, editorials, gaming, collectibles, tools and tutorials.

All of our readers are interested in everything comic book related and pop culture. They are passionate about this and eager to purchase the right products, services, and strategies that you, the advertiser and sponsor, may provide for them!

A Few Facts (Stats for December 2012):


  • Founded: March 20, 2009
  • Subscribers: 7400+ via RSS, Email, Newsletter
  • Followers: Over 15k via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Youtube, Tumnlr, etc.
  • Visits: 200,000+ per month via Google Analytics
  • Pageviews: 450,000+ per month via Google Analytics

*If you would like more details about the general statistics then feel free to email us directly.

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Ready? Opportunities Available:

Here are a few of the select sponsorship and advertising opportunities available to the right business and organizations that align with the content and the community.

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Sizes and Positions Payments

Comic Book Therapy accepts a variety of payment methods. Pay one or many months at a time with any of the following options:

� We accept bank transfers.

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Company Checks � We accept company checks. Please allow up to 2 weeks for them to clear after we receive them.

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Name: Pedro Marques
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3. Give aways and Competitions

Interested in hosting a competition or give away to the community? Want to give away some copies of your product or service? Connect with us and we’ll talk about how to best position your business/product.


We would love to answer any and all questions that you might have about using Comic Book Therapy for your advertising and sponsorship needs. Contact us directly here.