Adventures at WonderCon 2012!

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Hey folks, first and foremost sorry for being late to the game, a bunch of random things have kept me away from the website for an extended period of time. I have, however, been doing a great deal of work and hope you enjoy this article!

This year was my very first, and definitely not my last, WonderCon. It being basically in my backyard, usually in San Francisco, it was held in Anaheim California due to renovations on their usual site. So I, my friend Mark, and his awesomely amazing photographer girlfriend headed out there last Saturday to take in the spectacle and amazing time that was WonderCon.

After the battle that was parking and random California weather, it was raining oddly enough, we headed into the exhibit room where we walked around for a bit seeing folks such as famed Locke and Key writer Joe Hill!


Joe Hill speaking to G4 photo by Adriana Munson

After wandering around Wondercon we went to the ballroom where we saw a preview for an independent film called “The Sound of My Voice” a strange looking flick but, their promotion was actually rather brilliant and well-timed as it was right before Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Prometheus panels. During Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunters panel we were treated to the host of the panel being none other then Seth Grahame-Smith, the writer of the novel who also did the screenplay and Benjamin Walker who plays Abraham Lincoln, as well as the director of the film Timur Belmambetov. After such an awesome panel only the cast and director of Prometheus could match up to it, and so we were witness to the new trailer, and a short Q&A with Ridley Scott, Charlize Theron, and Michael Fassbender.

After a quick break from all the WonderCon madness, a little  wandering around and quick jaunt to the car, we were back in action and going to one of my favorite author and screenwriter panels: Ernest Cline.


Ernest Cline taken by Adriana Munson

The writer of the movie Fanboys and the novel “Ready Player One”  Mr. Cline has quickly won his way into my very nerdy heart. I forced Mark and Adriana to come with to the first ever Ernest Cline spotlight WonderCon panel, although later on they admitted they mostly enjoyed it, minus the Q&A at times. Even though I missed him when he was signing, I tried a half dozen times – constantly walking by his table like some sort of terrible nerd stalker – I did indeed enjoy his panel and learned quite a few things that I didn’t know.

Mark on the other hand, before the panel started as we were relatively early, was very ecstatic to see that James Gunn famed director of Super, Slither, and innovator supreme was in the same room. After a few moments of cajoling and pushing Mark was able to meet the man himself and had a picture taken for prosperity. A great WonderCon memory? I think so.


James Gunn and new CBT writer Mark Patton: Photo taken by Adriana Munson

As we headed toward the end of the day we strolled through the exhibit hall for a while longer running into all our favorite characters and icons, but for me there were only a few people I HAD to meet and one was Mike Mignola a man whose career I have followed, art I adored, and character I have tattooed on my body (I have a Hellboy tattoo on my right calf). So in meeting him, one of the few people who have really shaped the reasons I love comics like I do, it was a dream come true. Nervous and unsure of what I said I’m pretty sure I babbled on to him for a few seconds before asking for a picture, he was gracious enough to allow for one and here it is!


Myself and Mike Mignola, taken with my phone by Adriana Munson

As we started to wind down, and get extremely hungry, we decided that it was time we head back home and bask in the glory that was WonderCon, but before we could actually make our way out there was a very large crowd and a woman dressed in a very tight Imperial out fit from Star Wars that was none other then Adrianne Curry and so right before she has to take off this picture happened.


Mark, Adrianne Curry, Adriana photo taken oddly enough by Michael Worthan w/Adriana's camera

And so ended our WonderCon adventure, one of the best Conventions I’ve been to and made all the more fun with my two friends. Once again thanks to Adriana for the pictures, there were a lot and I had to be very choosey.


Mark, Me, and the WonderCon crowd photo by Adriana Munson

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