Advance Review: America’s Got Powers #2


A generation of super-powered teens battle to be The Hero on the biggest TV event in history but Tommy Watt’s dreams of fame and fortune might be over even if he survives The Trials. Someone is coming and he’s going to destroy the show and everybody in it!

America’s Got Powers is a very interesting concept. It’s something we’ve seen variations of before, but the way Jonathan Ross puts the pieces together and Bryan Hitch’s art really elevate the book and takes it to another level. It’s hard to say this is a straight up superhero comic. It’s a mix of a couple of different genres. It’s a sports comic mixed with some elements of the dystopian future. I say dystopian future, but it’s only a slight trace. From the point of view of the super powered, they are living there lives in camps and fighting for sport on television in a greed fueled display to entertain the normals. From the powered kids’ point of view, it’s an all powerful police state even more since Professor Syall has lost control of the program. The military is in control, and they are taking over and shaping the games for their own purposes.

An interesting note about the character of Professor Syall, Bryan Hitch worked on designs for the revived Doctor Who and used David Tennant as the model for the professor in a similar way as he drew Samuel Jackson a Nick Fury. As far as I know there are no solid movie plans for the book, but they have one role cast already.

This issue picks up where the previous one left off. Tommy Watt’s is the newest contestant on the show while all the higher ups are still trying to figure out just what his power set is. This issue isn’t as action packed as the previous one, but Hitch draws the few scenes just as well as he did in issue 1. He uses both pages to make some stunning double-paged spreads as well as widescreen shots that elevate the storytelling. This issue focuses on further the story. We get a look into the past and see how Tommy and his brother Bobby handles there day at an integrated school of powered and non-powered. The main push of the story is finding out what happens to those contestants who get knocked out of the competition and injured or killed.  As we find out this side of the story, we learn why Tommy may possess the most important power of them all.

Issue 2 of the 6 issues of America’s Got Powers is the set up from future battles and plot points that will surely follow in the remaining issues. We see how those with powers that aren’t thrilled by the game handle their “gifts.” This issue seems to be getting all the players on the board and in place for the next move. Will Tommy fight or won’t he? What’s special about his powers? Who’s really in charge?

Bottom Line: This issue furthers the story but still has enough action to keep it feeling fast paced. Hitch’s art remains spectacular and Ross has a great story so far. I really loved the first issue and this one adds more to the story so I give it a solid score of 4.5/5

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