Advance Review: The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2


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Cliff Secord on the run! Betty in the clutches of the ghastly Otto Rune! And what is Peevy’s connection to the missing scientist? All this and more… as the Rocketeer must prevent nothing less than the wrath of the Lord Himself! More pulp action in the great Dave Stevens tradition!

 The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror continues this week as a little more light is shed on the mystery Cliff Secord finds himself thrown into. The story is written by Roger Langridge with art by J Bone. Jordie Bellaire provides colors with Tom B. Long taking on lettering. The first issue was a high flying success. Does this issue keep up the thrills, or does this plane stall?

rocketeer coverOur story starts 2 miles outside of Hollywood where we find a dazed and confused Dahlia. She runs into an old couple who try to help her. We don’t know what happened to her at Rune’s place, but we know she’s still alive. The old couple are a nice touch, spitting out lines like “Whut in tarnation?!” The thrust of our story though deals with how Cliff and Betty find each other again and get thrown into the machinations of the shady Otto Rune, the leader of the church of Cosmicism. Betty infiltrates Rune’s headquarters to find out what happened to Dahlia by posing as the new secretary.  Rune doesn’t really want a secretary, but he does get Betty to be the eye candy at his rally. Cliff is still being chased by the comedic duo trying to get his jetpack, but he also finds himself at the Rune Rally. Cliff, Betty, and the two detectives from the first issue are all there. Betty and the detectives partner up through a turn of events as Cliff dashes off to stop the con-man Rune’s plans. Can he stop the Hollywood dam from blowing up? More importantly, can he keep his jetpack safe?

Langridge writes another great issue. It’s a little humor with a lot of action and a 1940s vibe. Langridge captures the spirit of Dave Steven’s creation perfectly. J Bone does an amazing job bringing everything together with a cartoon twist. Like I said last time, I feel like I should be watching this like an old Saturday morning cartoon. Bellaire’s colors makes it all pop. I commend Long on his lettering for this issue as well. He makes everything stand out, especially with excited or screamed dialogue. The way he makes the words almost burst out of the bubbles are really noticeable, but in a good way.

Bottom Line: Hollywood Horror is a high flying hit for Rocketeer fans. The first issue was great and so is the second installment. Langridge and Bone bring a slightly different story than some of the other Rocketeer miniseries, but they keep it fun 4.5/5

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