Advance Review: The Li’l Depressed Boy #11

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New job? Check. New crush? Check. Know her name? Not making that mistake again. How will the Li’l Depressed Boy handle such close proximity to a girl he likes.

The Li’l Depressed Boy isn’t something I would normally pick up and read.  I enjoy indie-type books from time to time, but The Li’l Depressed boy never really landed on my radar. I see now that I’ve been missing out on something special. The Li’l Depressed boy has some pretty rabid fans I’ve found out. Reading the letter columns and doing a little research to review issue 11 showed me that.  The Li’l Depressed Boy, to me, seems like a pretty good mix of Charlie Brown and Scott Pilgrim. While I read all the older issues to prepare for 11, I found that it took a while to grow on me but I enjoyed it for the most part. Sina Grace, who I only really knew from The Walking Dead letter hacks, does a great work on the art for this series. S. Steven Struble does a good job on the story and the emotional rollercoaster LDB rides from one disappointment to a glimmer of a good time with his friend Drew Blood.  In issue 9 we saw LDB searching for and ultimately getting a job at the movie theater. In issue 10 we saw him adjusting to the workforce. All this back-story leads us to issue 11, that is what we’re here about after all.

Issue 11 sees LDB going about his daily tasks at the theater and maybe, just maybe making a new friend. The title of the book is “Three Sketches of A Workplace Crush” and it’s pretty on the nose. Besides a possible new friend, LDB may be experiencing a budding romance with someone at the theater. If you’re reading the book, you can probably guess but I won’t reveal a thing. We see a couple of run-ins and know that something is brewing. Like other issues, there’s a few things going on in the story. We have two possible relationships taking shape that will advance us to the next issue and the next turn for LDB. Will it be a happy one? It will probably be a mixed bag at best, he is called Li’l Depressed Boy for a reason.

Bottom Line: The Li’l Depressed Boy is slowly wining over this reviewer. I enjoy the art by Sina Grace and having LDB be a featureless toy-like person in a world of full-formed people is a pretty big statement on the story and character. LDB has a hardcore fanbase thanks to their mix of more indie music featuring actual artist and the ups and downs the main character face are something we all can relate to at times. This one sets things up for future issues pretty well. I give Li’l Depressed Boy #11 a 3/5.


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