Advance Review: The Hollows #3


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The Hollows are closing in on Kobayashi, and he’s running out of time to help Lani, Urp, and the rest of the survivors! Sam Kieth and Chris Ryall present the penultimate chapter of their unique tale of hope and despair amidst the smoky ruins of near-future Tokyo.

The penultimate issue of The Hollows from Sam Kieth and Chris Ryall hits this week from IDW. The series has been beautifully drawn and written so far. The story is written by Ryall with art from Kieth. Robbie Robbins joins the duo with lettering. The first two issue were pretty special, but can it finish strong or will it just ring hollow?

hollows coverKobayashi was surrounded by hollows at the conclusion of last month’s issue. As the soul-sucking monsters close in on him we go inside his head and learn how the whole disaster started. Kobayashi has been guilt-ridden and carrying a chip on his shoulder because he was responsible for everything that has happened. What was basically a nuclear reactor leak caused the disaster that created the hollows. Before death engulfs our main character, a rescue team arrives carrying more of Kobayashi’s device that can combat the hollows. The collateral damage is more than Kobayashi can handle. Lani, Urp and the rest of the ground survivors lose their home. As more hollows surround everyone, not everyone will make it out alive. Kobayashi takes the survivors to a ground camp held by the tree dwellers where he reunites with his wife. Hollows are running wild, and no one is safe. Not even the tree dwellers. Kobayashi has to save his children before it’s too late.

Ryall pens another great story. This issue shows a broken down and beaten Kobayashi, pushed farther than any of the other issues. The series as a whole has been very unique. The Japanese influence is still felt, but one could almost call this an experimental story with the ways things have been shaping up. Kieth’s art is great as per usual. He continues to make odd choices in page layout and panel style, but it works with the almost pastel painted Japenese-esque art. It’s very hard to describe, but it’s beautiful to see.

Bottom Line: The Hollows is a beautiful and emotional story that shows off the best of Kieth and Ryall. With one issue to go, there’s a lot that is seemingly left to do but it will be interesting to see how the duo puts a bow on it. Whether you read it monthly or in a trade, this is one you should really give a look 4.5/5


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