Advance Review: The Answer! #2


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On the run in Cincinnati, punctuation-faced hero The Answer must rescue the abducted librarian Devin from a sinister gang of asylum nurses and orderlies . . . but she may not WANT to be saved! More insane superhero adventure!

The newest issue of the punctuated hero known as The Answer! arrives this week from Dark Horse.  The story is from Dennis Hopeless and Mike Norton. Hopeless takes on the script with Norton handling art. Mark Englert handles colors with Crank providing lettering. The first issue raised a lot of questions, but does this one start to give us some Answers!

answer coverOur story opens in a bus station bathroom where The Answer is washing up when he is attacked by some very large male orderlies.  Our wise cracking anti-hero whips into action as our genius level librarian Devin is waiting in the lobby. She’s watching the shady Hyperion fellow from last issue giving another motivational speech. After Answer busts some heads, he and Devin start to make their escape. When they get outside they are met by more orderlies, a nurse, an ambulance, and a limo. The limo is for Devin and the rest is for Answer. Devin gives a bit of a fight, but she gets in the limo. She is met by a group of people inviting her to join a brain trust. They lay out their case and explain why she was attacked in the first issue. The Answer may not be a hero. They claim he is a mentally troubled man who needs help. Devin must now decide what is real and what is a lie as she is faced with a big decision. The Answer is in an asylum and I don’t think he’s going to stay.

Hopeless pens a great issue. We learn a little more about the Hyperion and what they’re doing. They’re still shady, but a little light it being shined on them. We don’t get an explanation on how Answer survived his encounter before he got on the bus, but maybe we’ll have to wait for that answer. What we do get is a wise cracking hero that could teach Spider-Man and Deadpool a thing or two. Norton’s art is fantastic as always. There are several action scenes, and Norton gives them all a great sense of motion. The Answer’s costume is all black save for the white gloves, belt, and exclamation point face logo, but Norton gets a lot of movement and emotion out of him. The colors for everything else is great and really helps to sell the action.

Bottom Line: The Answer raises more questions than answers, but I’s still a fun ride. Hopeless and Norton team up to give the superhero genre a bit of a twist and invent an interesting hero and a pretty capable damsel in distress who is really neither of those things. With two issues to go, hopefully we get some more answers 4/5

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