Advance Review: Star Wars #4

Review of: Star Wars #4
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Brain Wood, Carlos D’Anda
Dark Horse

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On April 8, 2013
Last modified:April 8, 2013


While not as surprising as Star Wars #3, #4 is a solid issue that is a lot of fun

StarWars04Another month, another solid issue of Brian Wood’s Star Wars.  It’s not as surprising as last month’s #3 was, but it’s still damn fun.

While last month was all about Brian Wood making new ripples in the Star Wars universe, this month’s issue is about building on those ripples.  As always, a lot happens in this issue, with Wood seemingly cramming more in than usual this month.  But Luke’s story takes a back seat, as Wood uses precious panel space to bring Vader in.  With both of their stories not going anywhere this issue,  it might have been a better idea to have them just sit this issue out.  If Game of Thrones has taught us anything about story telling, it’s that characters can sit out for a while so that others can benefit.  Leia and her team have an interesting fight, and shows why Leia is a great commander in tough situations.  I’m glad that Wood added a page of C3PO and R2-D2.  I didn’t realize I missed them so much until they appeared.  It was funny to see Wood NOT give R2 any dialogue.  Even Chewbacca has grunts and roars.  But C3PO’s worrisome dialogue gave me a chuckle.

If you have read my other reviews for this series, you know I haven’t read much of the expanded universe.  My only knowledge of the Star Wars universe comes from the movies.  It’s great to see Wood bringing in outlying planets and make them seem important.  He works a comparison for the planet incase readers haven’t heard of the planet before.  The only complaint about the issue is how long the fight goes on between Leia and the Imperial ships.  It just keeps going on and on and on and on.  It gives Carlos D’Anda plenty of pretty things to pencil, but it it could have given more panel space to other things going on.

Carlos D’Anda continues to impress on pencils.  One thing that looks weird are the necks.  When characters are looking to the left or right, their necks suddenly turn into giraffe necks.  It’s quite humorous actually.  Every alien species is looking great in this book.  Chewie’s fur is quite detailed, and flows well.  The one Mon Calamari we see looks amazing, except for his eyes.  They come across as too fish like, and look strange.  I dare you to get by that page without saying, “IT’S A TRAP.”  The numerous dog fights look astounding.  The ships flow masterfully, and never loose detail.  The big explosions have the perfect color to them, thanks to Gabe Eltaeb.  Coruscant has a perfect glow too it, grabbing the essence of this massive city.

Star Wars continues to be a solid book.  It may have a bump here or there, but it is worth your $3.99 each month.

Star Wars #4 gets 4/5.


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