Advance Review: Rocketeer Adventures Volume 2


The second all-new, all-great Rocketeer Adventures anthology is crammed with over 15 great creators doing terrific Rocketeer stories!

Rocketeer Adventures Volume 2 is a new anthology from IDW featuring the daring ace-stunt pilot Cliff Secord, better known as The Rocketeer. The anthology clocks in at over 130 pages and features 12 chapters from over 15 different creators. The question is does this anthology take flight or never make it off the ground?

Volume 2 features stories from some of the biggest names in comics on both the writing and art sides. Just a few of the names gracing the anthology are Marc Guggenheim, Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Dini, Walter Simonson, J Bone, and Darwyn Cooke to name only a few. The book is broken into 12 chapters featuring different types of stories. Two of the highlights in the work are the first two stories. “The Good Guys” is written by Guggenheim with art and colors by Sandy Plunkett. It sees the Rocketeer crash landing on a farm in a small Midwestern town. The Rocketeer is absent for much of the story, but it features people struggling with whether or not he is a hero or a no-good vigilante. It is a poignant story about what makes a true hero. The art is absolutely stunning and makes it feel like it was taken right out of the 1940s. The other story is a parody written by Peter David with the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz on art. It’s a riff called Murray Melodies that features The Ducketeer. You can probably guess who the Ducketeer is supposed to be. There is also an appearance from Der Fudhrer. Sienkiewicz’s art fits amazingly well with the kooky story.

Also worth mentioning is a sort-of and implied crossover story featuring one of the most beloved heroes that actually debuted in 1938. It’s one of those you get to the end of and go “Wow, that just happened.” The stories are all worthy of their own full-length comic. The artists and writers are paired up extremely well. It’s rare to have an anthology that doesn’t have a few draggy stories, but I can’t point to one out of the twelve as being particularly weak.

Bottom Line: Rocketeer Adventures Volume 2 is absolutely amazing. You get 12 terrific stories featuring that classic pulp feeling that makes The Rocketeer so great. With a book full of equally amazing stories, you can’t go wrong picking this one up 5/5

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