Advance Review: Morning Glories #25


IMG120546Morning Glories has reached it’s 25th issue.  And in fitting fashion, Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma make this double sized issue one hell of a read.

Don’t be afraid of spoilers.  This is a spoilers free review.

Spencer has said that #25 would be the “end of the first season.”  #25 certainly reads like a season ending, as many big things happen to all the parties involved.  We get a few answers to long running questions, but more questions are brought up.  This series has been compared to LOST quite often, and that comparison is most fitting with this issue.  Plenty of crazy things happen, and the reader doesn’t exactly know what is going on.  It can be a little frustrating, as Spencer throws around a lot things, and it seems as if nothing is connected.  But if we have learned anything from this series, it’s that things will be explained eventually.  The few answers we do get are satisfying.  There are tons of characters in each scene, but Spencer gives each their own voice.  He also calls each character by name multiple times.  With so many characters appearing and disappearing, it’s difficult to keep track of everyone names.

The one thing that Morning Glories #25 is lacking is the character moments that defined this series in the beginning.  With the Wood Run going on for over a year now, Spencer has seemed more focused on the greater mystery than the small group of students that started this series out.  That’s not to say the book hasn’t been fun, but it’s something I have missed.  As with any season ending issue/episode, there are plenty of cliffhangers.  Thankfully, we won’t have to wait months to see how a few of these cliffhangers play out.  Tons of new threads and story beats crop in this issue, and none of them feel forced.  Unlike LOST*, which frequently wrote itself against a corner, Morning Glories has continued to bring up new plot points organically.  The book reads like a TV show, as the jumps from scene to scene feel like a TV show trying to cover everything going on.

Joe Eisma’s art has been improving exponentially since this series has started.  Characters are expressive and full of personality.  Eisma uses different camera angles to build tension effectively.  There are a lot of characters in each scene, but Eisma makes every one stand out.  Eisma’s strength has always been talking heads, and this issue is nothing but that.  The few gruesome scenes hit really hard, and a lot has to do with the colors of the blood.  Eisma has always had an astonishing attention to detail, and each scene shows off this great talent.  He uses the blank backgrounds sparingly, and they help the dramatic scenes hit their emotional marks.

Morning Glories #25 gets 4/5.

*I love LOST, but yeah it wrote itself into corners.


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