ADVANCE REVIEW Morning Glories #18



Morning Glories has always elicited LOST comparisons, but never has that been more apparent in Morning Glories #18.  And much like LOST, it’s insanely enjoyable.  Word to the wise, reread Morning Glories #9 before reading, as it helps with continuity.

#18 deals with Hisao (Jun to the rest of the characters) and what he has been doing during the Wood Run.  Also, we go through some of Hisao’s past.  We learn a lot about Hisao, including one character note which is going to make some people unhappy.  Nick Spencer writes every scene pitch perfectly, balancing plot development while also giving Hisao the time to grow as a character.  Spencer parallels the past and present very well, as he has always done in this series.  No questions are answered, but Spencer teases a very interesting reveal at the end of the book.  Long time fans will be clamoring, as it makes a lot of sense for this particular character.  With each Wood Run issue seemingly disjointed and not relating to each other, it’s great to see all the stories start to come together near the end.  Hisao’s past is interesting, and it’s nice to see Spencer expand on the Morning Glories universe.  There seems to be much more going on than Spencer is letting on, and this might be the first hint of that.  With the Wood Run ending, I’d like to see more of these forces acting against the Morning Glories Academy.  There is some very vague dialogue when talking about anything important.  It screams “hint hint wink wink.”

Let’s talk quickly about the character point in Hisao.  It’s revealed that (SPOILERS) Hisao is gay.  Ok, no big deal.  But as this seems to be a hot topic in comics these days, so the reaction will no doubt lead to some people saying some stupidly inflammatory things.  Spencer’s build up to the moment is done very well, and after reading, it makes sense given the character’s history.  The build up is very sweet, and it’s clear the character’s very much like/love each other.  Read below to see how Joe Eisma helps in this scene.

Morning Glories is more and more becoming a comic that needs to be marathoned occasionally to remember everything that is going on.  It’s easy to get confused on who is Jun and who is Hisao.  As said before, reread #9, as it deals with Jun’s and Hisao’s past, specifically who is going by what name in the present, and makes #18 a much more enjoyable read.  Reading Morning Glories is a commitment.  It’s a commitment that is very entreating, but a commitment indeed.  Nick Spencer has said that Morning Glories is going to last 100 issues, so a few marathons might be needed before the series is over.

After reading Morning Glories #9, then rereading #18, it’s amazing how Joe Eisma’s art has grown.  His characters use to have a sketchy quality to them, but now they are formed perfectly.  He’s given them an amazing amount of expression, complimenting Spencer’s script.  His action scenes have improved as well.  The flow well, and the reader can feel every hit.  Talking head panels have always been Eisma’s strength, but it’s great to see the action scenes get better and better.  During the revelation that Hisao is gay, Eisma puts a lot of emotion into the character’s eyes.  It’s evident these character’s have a history and that’s shown in the passion in their eyes.  You just don’t see that in comics much these days.

Morning Glories #18 keeps the consistency of high entertainment we have come to expect with this book.

Morning Glories #18 gets 4.5/5.

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