Advance Review: Lazarus #2

Review of: Lazarus #2
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Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, Santi Arca

Lazarus #2

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On July 22, 2013
Last modified:July 22, 2013


Rucka and Lark continue to impress on Lazarus. Eve needs slightly more characterization, but otherwise a stellar issue

Greg Rucka and Michael Lark are two issues into Lazarus, and it’s already becoming one of my favorite Image titles.

Greg Rucka continues to explore this world he has created in Lazarus.  A few of the lesser social rules are explained, and how they will affect our main protagonist, Eve.  Rucka hints and teases at things to come, but we are happy he doesn’t bring these up again.  There are plenty of mysteries going on in this book, but he gives enough carrot that we don’t mind the stick so much.  By the end of the issue, it seems that Rucka is done setting up the dominoes, and is ready to start knocking them down.  I would like slightly more characterization on Eve, as it’s hard to get a feel for her as a character.  She’s clearly equal parts character and pawn in this story, but a drop more characterization would make the final few scenes hit harder.  But with Rucka done setting everything up, it seems that he is going to focus on Eve more in the next four issues.

I like the population details that Rucka provides each city.  It shows how menial these people arguments really are.  It makes the reader somewhat unsympathetic for Eve, as she is rather wealthy.  Rucka brings up a few wrinkles that may make Eve much different than we see now, so that view could be changing com next month.  The Carlyle family is a fairly unsympathetic bunch.   This ends up being a double edged sword, as it’s fun to see them be complete assholes, but we don’t care for them at all.  Even in Game of Thrones, you see a moment for Joffrey and realize WHY he came the colossal jackass that he has become.  These guys just seem like winey brats.  Although there seems to be the same incest that Game of Thrones has given us.

Michael Lark deserves a lot of credit for properly penciling a muscular woman.  She looks physically imposing next to the other men in the room.  Women in most comics have a slender body, with little to zero muscular definition.  It’s very refreshing to see this way of penciling.  The entire issue is talking head panels, and this works in Lark’s favor.  The family argument scene is filled tension.  The reader can feel it in the eyes of each character.  I like the slight family resemblance in the faces of everyone in the Carlyle family.  You wouldn’t second guess that they are related.  Artists can’t seem to figure this out when drawing Havok and Cyclops next to each other.  Santi Arcas’ muted colors fit the world like a glove.  The light glow of the monitor wowed me, as Arcas has a slight amount of color leak through the bright light.

Lazarus continues to impress as a series.  I may miss Rucka writing Frank Castle, but this eases the pain.

Lazarus #2 gets 4/5.

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