Advance Review: Invincible Universe #5

Review of: Invincible Universe #5
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Phil Hester, Todd Nauck

Invincible Universe #5

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On August 5, 2013
Last modified:August 5, 2013


After a sub par issue, Invincible Universe finds it’s feet again in one of the best issues of the series to date.

After a lackluster #4, Invincible Universe is back in a big way.  #5 might be the best issue of the series to date.

Phil Hester balances super heroics and politics this month, and it works quite well.  Politics and super heroes are always a tough thing to balance, but Hester throws the Guardians of the Globe into the thick of things and it works very well.  Hester doesn’t spend to much time on the intricacies of politics thankfully.  He gives a quick description of the red tape and moves on.  Long time readers will know I was not happy with the Dinosaurus arc in Invincible #100.  It was quick, and quickly made meaningless.  But Hester uses the ramifications in a way I wish Robert Kirkman had.  In Invincible, it seems like nothing has changed, and that killing all those people didn’t affect the normal person.  Hester shows how it affects the little person.  I liked the addition of someone robbing a bank with an endangered species, as it makes the Guardians think before they hit.  Not that the team has been all action and no thinking, but it’s refreshing to read compared to Marvel and DC.

One thing that has been plaguing the Invincible books lately is the reference to past stories.  It’s not necessarily bad that they are doing this, but not explaining anything and using an editor’s note seems lazy.  Incorporate some backstory into everything that is going on.  Cecil’s new assistant would be good person for Cecil to explain too.  As someone who hasn’t read the previous volumes of Guardians of the Globe, some type of explanation would have been nice.  The history of North Korea is used as a villain instead of this crazy General.  He’s silent throughout the entire issue, so it’s quite hard to find him menacing.  But Hester still has time to develop him into a proper villain in this series, so it’s not as big of a deal.

Todd Nauck continues to be one of the most consistent artists in the industry.  Whenever he pencils an issue, you know you are going to get quality pencils.  Characters are expressive, and Nauck adds quite a bit of detail to the surroundings.  My usual complaint with his pencils, that every male character looks similar, doesn’t factor into this issue surprisingly.  Characters are diverse in appearance, and can easily be picked out of a crowd.  Without the Korean soldiers saying his name, I could tell that was Best Tiger being electrocuted in the chair.  Shapesmith’s scene is quite weird to look at, but perfectly captured.

Invincible Universe continues to be a great title, and is getting close to being the best of the two Invincible titles.

Invincible Universe #5 gets 4/5.

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