Advance Review: Invincible Universe #2

Review of: Invincible Universe #2
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Phil Hester, Todd Nauck, Gabe Eltaeb
Image Comics

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On April 30, 2013
Last modified:April 30, 2013


Invincibile Universe continues to be a fun read, but still has a hiccup or two.

Invincible-Universe_2Invincible Universe continues to be the best Invincible spin-off, even though it still has a few kinks to work out first.

Invincible Universe #2 picks right up after #1, with the fight between Liu’s mind dragon and the government forces.  Phil Hester balances nicely between down to Earth scenes and the massive battle sequences.  Kid Thor’s death problem continues to be a nice wrinkle through the team.  As this book seems to be the Avengers book for this universe, it’s unsurprising to see a prison break pop up in the middle of the issue.  Liu’s mind problem wasn’t going to last for an ongoing, so it’s good to see Hester creating more threads for the series.  Now this is going to seem like nitpicking, but why don’t the heroes have a problem with Invincible joining the fight?  He just helped Dinosaurus kill a few thousand people.  I’d bet anything that they don’t want him being around for a while.

Invincible Universe continues to have problems though. The big fight for this issue ends rather abruptly, and leaves the reader feeling a little cheated.  In the end, it makes Stedman look like a chump.  He’s always been written as a strategic mastermind, playing people against each other like pawns on a chessboard.  But having Liu, one of the bigger villains in the Invincible universe, easily trick Stedman into helping him out seems out of character.  But it could send Stedman into a darker tailspin, as the ending seems to have left a sad mark on him.  With the set up out of the way for every character, the series can focus on moving forward.  Invincible Universe is still the most enjoyable spin-off for the Invincible universe yet.  It just needs to iron out a problem or two and it’s going to be on par with Invincible.

Todd Nauck continues to impress on pencils.  The big, double page spread of heroes is a massive delight for the eyes.  Every page is full of detail and personality.  Some of the characters look similar, but that’s been a staple of Nauck’s pencils since I’ve been reading comics.  Designing costumes is one of the harder parts of drawing comics, and the creators for the Invincible universe have always done a great job of making them look iconic.  Nauck’s pencils make them pop off the page.  The Dragon’s costume could use some work though.  All yellow and no eye holes seems like a dumb costume choice.  That’s not a point against Nauck’s pencils though.  Gabe Eltaeb’s colors find the right balance of flashy and muted.  Every costume looks like spandex, but they aren’t as blinding as the spandex costumes at DC and Marvel.

Fans of Invincible should pick up this series if they are looking for another dip into the Invincible universe.  I’m excited for this series, even with it’s couple of hiccups.

Invincible Universe #2 gets 3.5/5.

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