ADVANCE REVIEW Invincible #91



Things just can’t seem to go Mark’s way these days.  After almost being offed by the last of the Viltrumite, the disease that Oliver accidentally released is starting to take it’s toll on him as well.  Even with Mark getting some bad luck, Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley make the issue a fun read.

Much like The Walking Dead, Invincible has sometimes been a book that works better when reading a lot of issues at once.  Last issue seemed this way, but this issue works much betting in the single issue format.  Kirkman balances the ever expansive cast well, giving Bulletproof some much needed characterization.  After #90, Bulletproof hasn’t come off as the greatest of replacements for Mark.  He hit on Eve, when it was clear she didn’t want him before he even tried to hit on her.  With Bulletproof seemingly going to the Guarding the Glob ongoing, this should give Kirkman more room to play with other characters.  Kirkman calls back to a lot of things in this series, which he has done a lot in his run with Invincible.  He gives the reader just enough information for them to go “Oh yeah, I remember that,” which keeps the momentum of the comic well.  Nothing like an obscure call back to destroy the enjoyment of the reader.  One thing that I’d like to see is the after effect of Oliver’s role in Mark being sick.  It’s a great story beat that hasn’t been touched on in the past few months.  While there have been other things taking the spotlight, like Bulletproof being Invincible, it’s a story beat that Kirkman should touch upon soon.

Ever since the Viltrumite War, the book has a cloud hanging over it.  The War was something that Kirkman had been hinting since the beginning of the series, so what is next for Mark?  It’s the same problem that happened with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in season 5 and 6.  You defeat the big evil and the worst of the worst happens.  So what happens next?  Everything else seems so mundane?  Kirkman finds a way though, even if it’s not unique to super hero books.  The status quo of the book is up in the air for now, with Bulletproof being Invincible for the foreseeable future.  The Guarding the Globe book doesn’t come out until September, but the preview art already shows Bulletproof as Invincible.  It’s going to be an interesting year for Invincible.

Guarding the Globe #1 is out in September

Ryan Ottley continues to destroy the art on this book (in a good way).  He switches from bombastic action to quiet scenes without missing a hitch.  His characters have always been very expressive, and that continues here.  I recently went on a Invincible reading spree, and it’s amazing how much Ottley’s art has improved over the years.  Not to say his art was bad before, but it’s just that much better now.  The action scenes are great as always.  Someone times Ottley’s bodies can be a little exaggerated, but Eve’s body has stayed surprisingly the same.  Even with some added weight, Ottley gives her a great amount of confidence and sex appeal.  Dinosaurus has a great amount of detail.  While the book hasn’t been shipping on time for a while, it’s better to have to wait a while and have the art look better than have it ship on time and have the art suffer.

Invincible #91 continues to show that Invincible is one of the best superhero books on the stands today

Invincible #91 gets 4/5.


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