Advance Review: Half Past Danger #6

Review of: Half Past Danger #6
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Stephen Mooney

Half Past Danger #6

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On November 26, 2013
Last modified:November 26, 2013


Mooney gives us a huge blockbuster film in a six issue comic.

Endgame. Irish and his team have their final, devastating chance to thwart Toht’s scheme and prevent the Axis from attaining the most potent biological weapon in history. But are they willing to extinguish the very lives they’re trying to save in order to do it?

The pulse-pounding conclusion of Half Past Danger rockets into comic shops this week. The sixth issue is written and drawn by series creator Stephen Mooney with Jordie Bellaire handling colors. We’ve had 5 sublime issues, but does the finale live up to the hype?

When last we saw Irish, John Noble, Ishi, and the Austrian femme fatale Greta, they were at the mercy of Toht and the turncoat Agent Moss. The Nazis had their hands on the dinosaurs and it didn’t look like our ragtag group could do anything about it. Of course the three heroic men aren’t going to go down without a fight. It’s an all-out brawl on the high seas as John, Ishi, and Irish try to beat back the Nazis and keep the ship’s precious cargo from falling into Hitler’s clutches. It turns out the island’s dino inhabitants may not even be the biggest prize. There are twist and turns on every page, but can our heroes save the day or is losing this battle also end the war?

Mooney writes an astounding finale. It’s all action from the first page to the story’s thrilling conclusion. You’re flipping the pages faster and faster as you watch some truly impressive fights play out right before your eyes. We also get a few more hints about the importance of the seemingly indestructible John Noble. Ishi even gets his own surprising moment as well. The story’s cinematic tones are really played out at the end, so stay tuned during the credits. Mooney’s art is very cinematic in nature as well. He has a good eye for action, and that shows in the panel layouts. You have widescreen panels mixed in with full page splashes and even a few slanted pages and boxes to break things up. This is truly an old school action/adventure film playing out on the printed page. That’s made possible by the brilliant Jordie Bellaire’s colors. She makes it feel like an old pulp comic in places, thanks in part to the yellowed pages. Bellaire keeps it bright and alluring.

Bottom Line: Mooney gives us a huge blockbuster film in a six issue comic. Half Past Danger has quickly become one of my favorite miniseries and I hope we get a sequel before long. If you want Indiana Jones with a dash of Jurassic Park and a hint of Captain America, this is absolutely a comic you have to read. 5/5

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