Advance Review: Fatale #14

Review of: Fatale #14
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Ed Brubaker, San Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser

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On May 13, 2013
Last modified:May 13, 2013


Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips continues their stellar series. Fatale has another strong issue.

CRIM008_cvrThere are a few titles that guarantee greatness month in and month out.  Fatale has been one of those since #1, and over a year later, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have continued to write one of the best books on the stands.

With the last few months dealing with Fatales (that’s what I’m going to call these women), Brubaker has come back to Josephine.  #14 is her earliest story that we have seen so far.  We learn a bit about Josephine’s problems with this cult, and her discovering that she isn’t the first woman to have this type of power before.  Of course, the reader knows about all of these things, but Brubaker sells the reveal to Josephine perfectly.  What’s more surprising is how deep this cult is in every section of the globe.  After reading his entire Captain America run a few times, it’s fun to see Brubaker going back to World War II.  Brubaker has alway shad a knack for writing stories during that era.  As with every big arc in this book, Brubaker quickly introduces a male character*, gives us a couple of flaws, and turns him into putty around Josephine.  Considering how many times he has done this throughout the last year, it wouldn’t be surprising to have it become old.  But he differentiates each male character ever so slightly to make us feel for them.  And pity them once they start doing her will.

After rereading a few issues of Fatale, and this one, I have come to the realization that Brubaker should release an anthology book set in this universe.  I’m sure other writers out there would love to write about the other Fatales that have existed.  I’d be that one-shot, or even a monthly series.  The only thing that seems to “bother” me each month is the lack of info about the cult group chasing Josephine (and the other Fatales).  I put bother in quotation marks, because it doesn’t so much bother me, as I just really want to know.  This universe is quite interesting, and I’d love more information on it.

Sean Phillips has been on the top of his game since he and Brubaker launched Fatale.  Characters are very expressive, and full of personality.  In his early days of Brubaker collaborations, the gun shots looked childish.  Quick little line and that’s it.  But Phillips seems to have tweaked this ever so slightly to make them look more realistic.  Nothing major, but adds a layer of depth to a world that looks life-like.  That is, when guys heads ARE NOT turning into Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.  Elizabeth Breitweiser’s colors invoke a 70’s B-movie vibe.  The colors are muted, but feel ever so realistic.

At this point in it’s run, Fatale is up there with Saga, Daredevil, and Locke & Key with series that should not be missed by any comic fan.  Pick up the first two trades and any single issues needed to get caught up.

Fatale #14 gets 4.5/5.

*Ed Brubaker informed me that this character is Walter from the first arc of Fatale


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