Abnett And Lanning Talk GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Prelude Comic; Plus Unlettered Preview Pages


nebulaMarvel Studios and Marvel Comics usually work hand-in-hand when a new movie is getting ready to come out. It has long been practice that a brand new Marvel movie is getting ready to come out a prelude comic book tie-in gets released as well. We’ve had preludes for most every Marvel movie to date, but the one for Guardians of the Galaxy may get a lot more attention than all the others considering who will be writing the two-issue affair. Dan Abentt and Andy Lanning will be working on one last hurrah thanks to director James Gunn. The duo recently talked about their last work together as DnA and what they think about the things they’ve gotten to see from the film. New unlettered preview pages of Wellington Alves have also been released.

Speaking with Newsarama, Abnett and Lanning were excited to get to work on the two prelude stories for the film. The first issue will look at the villainous Nebula (Karen Gillan) while the second one will introduce us to Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Abnett expanded on the purpose of the spotlight issues by saying “Issue #2 is a Rocket and Groot adventure, showing the sort of mercenary antics they got up to before joining the team. It’s got action and adventure and it’s a bit of a heist caper too. Issue #1 is pretty much an origin, or at least background, story for Nebula, which reveals details of her upbringing and training. This features Gamora and Thanos, and is packed full of action too. It’s a chance for fans to know a little bit more about Nebula prior to the film’s release.Lanning added “The stories reveal more history and background to the movie versions of these characters based on the very detailed material James put in the script.

dnaWhen it comes to the actual movie, the duo visited the set a few times, read the script, and even saw a few scenes being filmed. We’ve heard from the duo about their trips before, but they offer up some new insights into the film and their visits. Abnett praised James Gunn and touched on how their set visit chats lead to the comic. He tells the site “James, who was keen for us to write the Cinematic comics, was kind enough to invite us for two set visits during the making of the movie and made it clear that the movie’s key inspiration was our run on the Guardians of the Galaxy comic series. I talked to James at some length about the sort of things he wanted to see and the sort of aspects of the film and its characters that might most usefully be supported with comic stories. James is a really great, compelling, enthusiastic and creative person. Watching him work on set was inspiring, and he was clearly very engaged with the material and determined to do it justice. I enjoyed writing stories with our conversations in mind.Lanning was a little more long winded when he explained how a Tweet brought about the entire set visit in the first place:

I saw a tweet James Gunn posted on a Saturday night showing a picture of him reading an issue of Hawkman in a hotel room with the line ‘look what Hollywood directors get up to on a Saturday night’ or something. So I decided to tweet him back, something cheeky along the lines of ‘shouldn’t you be reading Guardians of the Galaxy?!’
James then direct messaged me that he was in London as they were in preproduction for the Guardians of the Galaxy film. He then proceeded to very generously invite Dan and me down to the set to see what they were up to.
We visited a week or so later and got to the read the script (awesome), and were personally shown around by James (great bloke) and got to see all the preproduction designs (awesome), artwork (awesome) and costumes (awesome) plus some of the sets that were under construction (more awesome). We were also interviewed for some of the DVD extras. James invited us to the set again once filming had started and we got to see the first cut of the trailer (!) and to see Chris Pratt filming a scene inside Star-Lord’s ship as well as meeting the cast: Chris, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista who were all fantastic.
What came across most from everyone; the producers, James and the cast and crew was a genuine respect for the source material which made me very proud of our run on the comic . They all said how much they loved it and how it set the tone for the film they are making and it has come across in the script as well as the great stuff in the trailer that everyone has reacted so positively too.

You can read much more from the duo, as well as editor Bill Rosemann, by clicking the source link below. The first part of the Guardians of the Galaxy prelude will hit comic book shops on April 2nd. What do you think about the preview? Will you be picking up Abnett and Lanning‘s final work together?






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Source : Newsarama