A Short Story With A Lot Of Heart: Here We Go By Jesse Young


here we goToday we have a review for a fantastic short story comic from Jessee Young. Here We Go is a heartwarming story about a mother, her son, love, and imagination. The 10-page story is posted in full on Young’s website, WriteJesseWrite.com. The story features art by Anwar Madrigal with Thomas Mauer providing lettering. You can find a link to the full story at the bottom of the page, but read on for a brief review. Spoiler alert: the story is fantastic!

Here We Go is a story about a single mother and her son. Being a single parent isn’t easy, but using their imagination makes things fun and interesting. It gives them an escape from all their worries and problems. When it’s time for the child’s first day at a new school, the duo turn the car ride into an amazing journey involving aliens, dinosaurs, and pirate monkeys. The final page is an emotional gut-punch showing us what happens after that morning trip to school.

Young writes a stellar story. He tells an incredibly well developed and full story in 10 pages. Full 22-page stories don’t do that a lot of times. It takes a truly gifted storyteller to make shorts like this work. Young says this is a Pixar-esque story and I have to agree. It has everything you expect from a great Pixar movie while still being something fresh and new. This isn’t Pixar story lite. Madrigal’s art is just as great. Things have that realistic/cartoony mix you expect from stories such as this. Madrigal offers up some amazing visuals and really has a lot of fun with the different creatures from the family’s imagination.


Bottom Line: I’ve done a lot of reviews. I’ve read a lot of great books that I really enjoy and brag on. I’ve only used this particular word once before, but it fits for Here We Go- perfect. I highly encourage you to spend the few minutes it takes to read the 10 pages. Young has a lot of other great stories on his blog as well. You can get started by clicking here. You can also find Young on Twitter @writejessewrite

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