A Possible Description Of The New Iron Man 3 Trailer Emerges


mandarinA new Iron Man 3 trailer was recently classified at two minutes and twenty five seconds and is expected to run with Oz The Great and Powerful. The trailer will debut March 8 when the movie is released, but it seems a description of some of the bigger moments in the trailer have been unearthed by Bleeding Cool.

The site claims sources have told them a few things about the trailer. Now take it with a grain of salt for now, but BC are usually very reliable so these could be legitimate and therefore spoilers if you’d rather wait. Read at your own risk:

  • The President of the United States appears and declares war on The Mandarin and The Ten Rings, his terrorist group.
  • There are more shots of The Mandarin, and he continues to threaten Tony personally.
  • As a result, Tony gets rather cross. He says something like: You’ve made this personal. I’m coming for you, Mandarin.
  • We see Tony and Rhodey flying in to battle, followed by a whole battalion of the other Iron Man armors. Tony calls them “his boys” and there’s dozens of them. They’re of all different looks and styles, some of them familiar, some of them new.
  • Indeed, the very last shot showcases one special suit of armour in particular, smashing through a wall. Neither of our Little Bleeders feel one hundred percent sure, having seen the fleeting shot only one time, but they both shared the same suspicion with me…could it really be the Hulkbuster armor?

Now the most interesting bit is the possibility of the Hulkbuster armor. We’ve seen some reported concept art for the big suit, but its validity has been questioned. As Bleeding Cool notes, the site it originated from doesn’t give any indication how they got their hands on the the possible concept art. So for now file that under rumor. Regardless, it will be interesting to see when the trailer is released just what the “fleeting shot” shows. What do you think? Sound legit?

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Source : Bleeding Cool