A New Batman TV Series Without Batman? Holy Weird Scenario, Batman!


28728Warner Brothers seems to like  the Batman character. I mean, really like him. Just a year after Christopher Nolan wrapped up his Dark Knight trilogy, the studio announced that a new iteration of the character would be making his way to the big screen in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, opposite Henry Cavill. Not only that, but a brand new animated series recently debuted, Beware the Batman, after they decided to cancel the hugely popular Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Using him as a crutch much?

Anyway, it’s being reported over at Bleeding Cool that a new Batman television series may be in the works. With the continued popularity of the character, in addition to the higher-than-expected popularity of the CW series Arrow, the studio may be looking to bring the world of Gotham back to the small screen, but with a really interesting twist.

“…the show would be a side story to the main Batman event however, focused on the Five Families of Gotham, the mafia that run the city, and how their criminal and corrupt political power base is impacted by the emerging of Batman in the scene, though he would rarely be seen in the show And considerable influence from the classic DC series Gotham Central.”

The series would be set in the same universe as Nolan’s trilogy, which is interesting being that the studio is getting ready to move on from that world, into the new world set up in Man of Steel. The site’s sources inside the WB camp say that no series is in the works. It certainly is an intriguing concept and has some potential, but the pieces just aren’t fitting together right now. It could be, that with the emergence of a new Batman, they may be re-working the idea, or dropped it all together. I have no doubt, however, that should a new Batman-centered series happen, it’s sure to be a big hit. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on this news to see if anything comes of it.


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Source : Bleedinc Cool