A Little More On Jim Starlin’s THANOS and ADAM WARLOCK Dilemma


thanos adam warlockThis weekend we were the first to report on Jim Starlin‘s Facebook comments regarding some sort of disagreement he had with Marvel regarding the use of Adam Warlock and how that related to some plans he had for the golden one and Thanos. It appears that the writer and artist’s reunion with Marvel will be cut short because of it. The Thanos Annual, Infinity Revelation original graphic novel, and Savage Hulk story will be it for now. You can see the original story by clicking right here. Well since Sunday Newsarama was able to dig a little deeper on the Warlock dilemma.

Shortly after Starlin made his Facebook post, a fan asked Marvel Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort about it on his Tumblr page. Brevoort responded:

This is all really about something else, something much smaller that Jim probably shouldn’t even have taken public on his Facebook page. But he did, so there you go.

adam warlockWhen Starlin was asked for a statement by Newsarama, he shed a little more light on why he was unhappy about the publisher putting the kibosh on his plans with Warlock:

When I started on The Infinity Revelation, I asked about Adam’s status, was told no one had any plans for him and that he was dead. So I brought him back to life in the graphic novel and made plans to use him further. I turned in a plot to Tom Brevoort, which included Adam Warlock, and about two months later Tom informed me about the hold but said he couldn’t explain it to me. That’s when I took on the Savage Hulk story arc, to keep busy until the hold was lifted and built up some more advanced storyline for the proposed project (The Infinity Duel). The hold is still in place and, apparently, shows no signs of being lifted any time in the future. So I’m moving on.

The writer seems to think that the line-wide hold order is due to Adam Warlock‘s potential movie future. While he hasn’t been told anything one way or the other, Starlin theorizes that may be the reason the character has become unavailable for now. Regardless of the reason, the writer has decided to move on:

I find this all rather strange seeing how Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, the X-Men, Daredevil, the Hulk, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and whatever other characters became movie projects without this hold ever being placed upon them. I’ve given up on Warlock happening any time soon and have completed the three projects I committed to for Marvel – The Thanos Annual, The Infinity Revelation, and the Savage Hulk story arc.

There are other irons in the fire for Starlin, but he says he can’t talk about those just yet. His original Facebook post came with offers for new work, most notably IDW‘s Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall who asked if Starlin wanted to do any more Dreadstar. We’ll just have to wait and see what the writer does next, but we know it probably won’t be anything for Marvel. What do you think about the situation?

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Source : Newsarama