A Few More Amazing Spider-Man Set Photos: Mary Jane Watson Spotted


mary janeWe’re not going to go completely set photo crazy for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but the first day’s filming in New York has yielded some pretty great pictures of the new Spidey suit. We got some shots earlier today that were a little obscured thanks to a well placed tree, but a pretty clear snapshot showing the full costume has found its way online. Besides a clear pic of the comic book accurate duds and the sleek new boots, there’s also a little peek at the redesigned webshooter.

The suit wasn’t the only big reveal spectators were able to snap a shot of today either. Shailene Woodley was spotted near the set sporting her new red headed look as she gets ready to bring Mary Jane Watson back to the big screen. While they aren’t the most flattering pictures, Woodley wasn’t filming any scenes at the time so she was going au naturale. The close up that gives us a glimpse at the webshooter is courtesy of NewsCom but the others come from BeautifulBallad.Org who I’m saying were the big winners today, providing some really clear shots of today’s filming. So what do you think of our first glimpse at Mary Jane? Better or worse than Kirsten Dunst?


spider-man 1

spider-man 2

mj 1

mj 2

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Source : NewsCom/Beatiful Ballad