A Disturbance In The Force: Star Wars Comics Will Return To Marvel


star wars comics bannerWhen Disney dropped the big bucks to buy LucasFilm, many assumed it was only a matter of time until Star Wars comic books made their way over to Marvel. So today’s announcement comes as no surprise, the clock will run out for Dark Horse in 2013.

marvel star warsDark Horse have held the rights to Star Wars for over two decades. According to the Disney blog site, Blue Sky Disney, the rights will expire soon and all new comics after 2013 will be done by Marvel:

The Suits in the know have determined that no new contracts will be given to Dark Horse after the current ones expire. So all new projects after 2013 will be handled internally by Marvel.

It’s not known yet if titles will be worked into the regular line up, or will Marvel create a special branch of the company that deals with Star Wars. It’ll take a couple of years for the old deals to work there course, but the stories that Dark Horse have coming down the pipeline will be the last. And you can expect anything new from Marvel dealing with Star Wars to arrive around 2015.

This time frame would line up with the upcoming Episode VII in 2015. It’s a pretty safe bet that Marvel will use the comics to promote the movies in every way they can. Marvel held the Star Wars rights when the original films were released, but it wasn’t until Dark Horse took the reigns that the Star Wars comics received a huge amount of critical and commercial acclaim. What do you think about the news? Were you hoping something would have been worked out with Dark Horse?

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Source : Blue Sky Disney via BleedingCool