31 in 31 V.2 Day 2

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Hey hey hey! It’s been one long year since last Halloween season, but as my partner in crime, Mike, said yesterday, we’re back to get you into that spooky mood for the Halloween season!

Up for day 2 is the film Paranormal Activity 2. Last year we only spoke of the first one, so this year we’ll get to the rest of the franchise. I’ll attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum. The film is 2 years old after all.


The film opens with the main protagonist, Kristi, talking with her sister Katie (yes, the Katie from the first Paranormal Activity) about experiences they had when they were kids. This shows that the beginning of PA2 is actually taking place before the first part of the franchise. When the main plot of the movie kicks in, the events of the first movie are already happening. We see Kristi’s family (a husband, a step-daughter, and a new born baby) living in a house in California. One night the family comes back to their home that has been broken into and to prevent it from happening again, they install a security camera system.  After the security system is installed the family starts to notice odd things happening around the home. From the nanny quitting because of a bad vide the house gave, to moving objects, to shadowy figures creeping about. When the film ends, it ends after the first film ends.

Personally, this is my favorite installment of the franchise. I think it did everything a good sequel should do. It continued the story if the first film and it built on the mythos that the first film introduced while providing great scares. This one is high on my rewatch list.

Happy Hauntings!


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