31 in 31 V.2 Day 1


It’s that time once again! Where I, Mike, and my horror fan of a partner Jordan bring you 31 movies, CD’s, comic books, novels, or television episodes that will help get you in the Halloween mood! And yes you read that right we’ve expanded 31 in 31 this year to encompass everything we love about the horror genre and Halloween.

Alright well let’s get this party started with my day one pick and that would be:

The Cabin in the Woods! After watching this just a few weeks ago, I know shame on me, I was awash in amazement that I hadn’t seen this Joss Whedon masterpiece when it was in theaters. A movie that not only follows the plot of other horror movies, but shows exactly why those plots occurred and gives nods to basically every horror genre out there today. Most movies are cast driven, the acting will either sale or crash a movie, but not this time, although it is a fun and versatile cast I was looking forward to the monsters that appear rather than what would happen to the characters, and what gory death they would succumb to.

I mean hell a guy is gored by a unicorn! And I can’t even call that a spoiler because that’s really what drove me to watch the movie, and honestly even through all the death, that one is so well worth the payoff even if you are looking for it through the movie.

Either way see this movie! And stay tuned for Day 2!


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