24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Round Up: First Set Photos And New Cast Members



We had a pretty busy week in the world of comic book and comic book movie/TV show news last week. So naturally some stuff gets put off until we can find time to get to it. 24: Live Another Day falls under that category as it’s not really a comic book TV show, although rumor on the street is that Jack Bauer will come to life in a new comic series. Never the less, we did get some 24 news this week so we have rounded it all up in to one article for you.

The show is currently shooting in London, and all the way from across the pond we have our first set photos! The photos give us our first look at Kiefer Sutherland who is back as Jack Bauer. Along with Sutherland is Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe Sullivan. Check out the images below thanks to Coming Soon.

TateDonovanThat’s not all the happened this week! We got new cast members as well. Most who are fans of the show remember Jack and Audrey Raines’ romantic relationship that ended when he father, Secretary of Defense James Heller (Who will be the President this go around), told Jack that no matter how much he wants a normal life he will get pulled back into the “game” as he called it. It looks as if Audrey didn’t weep too long over Jack, because according to Deadline Tate Donavon has joined the show as her new husband. Along with being Audrey’s new squeeze, Mark Boudreau, is President Heller’s Chief of Staff.

StephenfryThere will be another new comer to the show this season as well. Only this one doesn’t have as big of an impact on Jack personal life. Deadline is reporting that Stephen Fry will join the show as Prime Minister Trevor Davies. Davies is said to have a personal relationship with President Heller that will be tested and strained because of personal and political crises. Crises that will most like center around Jack.

So there you have it another busy week in the world of 24: Live Another Day. Like stated above, the series is currently filming in London. The premiere for the show has been set on May 5th, and will be two hours long. For the latest on all things 24, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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