12 Thor: The Dark World Images Plus Info On The Villainous Kurse And Malekith


xcmsWe’re a little over a month away from Thor: The Dark World thundering into theaters. While we mark the next few weeks off our calendars, the press machine for the highly anticipated sequel has started to rev up. Marvel released 12 new images from the film and some set visits from earlier this year have started to hit. While it’s your usual set visit fluff, there are a few things worth pointing out. Most of it relates to Christopher Eccleston and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as the villainous duo of Malekith and Algrim/Kurse, respectively.

ScreenRant posted a set visit interview they took part in a few months ago with the man known as AAA. The actor will be taking on double duty in The Dark World as the Dark Elf Algrim who gets transformed into the deadly Kurse. AAA says that he gets scenes with most all of the main cast, but he spends most of his time with Christopher Ecclston. When asked to describe Eccleston‘s Malekith and the bond between he and Kurse, AAA says:

With Malekith it’s multi-layered but essentially there’s a furiously loyal bond between us because we’ve been on the front line together and we lost a lot so it’s almost like a brotherhood, a very deep brotherhood but then there’s also a slight, almost like mentor in that, you know, the beauty about Algrim is it’s the kind of loyalty that is very rare. Somebody who would lay their life on the line for a cause and he feels that Malekith heads that cause. So they’re tight. They are tight.

kurseFrom that quote, it sounds like Algrim/Kurse is very much a military man and right hand of the evil Dark Elf ruler Malekith. AAA says that’s exactly the case and he even added a few touches of his own to show how Algrim, and eventually Kurse, sees things:

It is there. The differentiation is there. I mean Algrim is very much about – and I purposely put in this word, this word that we keep using for Algrim – and it’s “it will be done, it will be done” and that’s his motto. He’s your go-to guy to get stuff done. Kurse as you said, the rage, it becomes something else but what I’ve tried to do instead of just making him this ogre, this powerful brute is keep the Algrim within him. So we overlap some of the words that Algrim would use and also you see his eyes are very much the same as Algrim. So you see that there’s a human within the beast and I think what we’re hoping to do is have people almost empathize with his sacrifice but enjoy the brew at the same time, you know.

In the site’s group chat with director Alan Taylor, a little more about the evil Malekith was mentioned. Taylor talks about the villain’s introduction and some of the goals that drive him:

It was clear early on that we were going to be dealing with the Dark Elves and that Malekith was going to be our guy. And let’s see. I’m trying to remember the process by which it evolved. He’s very much on a mission of vengeance and reclaiming what is rightfully his. That’s not an unfamiliar device. [LAUGHS]

You know, early on, I started thinking, like he’s got something in common with Roy Batty (Blade Runner) who had a righteous mission that you sort of sympathized with. Had a kind of humanity, even though he was an evil bastard. And obviously, his name’s escaping me, but the bad guy in J.J. Abrams’ wonderful Star Trek.

malekithAfter having it pointed out that Nero was the villain from Star Trek he was thinking of, Taylor went on to address the scale of Malekith‘s plans and how Odin‘s father was the first to face off against him:

Very similar thing. Out to avenge something. So that sort of came along with him. It started getting more personal. I, being an American, I found myself bringing some Osama Bin Laden in it [LAUGHS], but we always knew he was on a task to… I think two things happened. His mission became grander and grander, and we sort of invented a time scale for where he’s been. And what his backstory is, that make it big enough for Thor. I think other superheroes can fight bad guys in Gotham City or can fight bad guys in Metropolis or whatever, but Thor is part of this epic thing he’s also got going on. Our villains haven’t been around for 5,000 years. They’ve been pissed off since the Big Bang so there’s a kind of scale. Odin’s father had to fight them.

Again, it’s a history lesson. It’s a scale to what his mission is, but also, on the other hand, trying to make it intimate. It’s important that you have a – you saw him with Adewale, who’s playing Algrim, who later becomes Kurse. It’s important for me to give an intimate relationship, so you felt kind of brotherly – you know, you’ve got Thor and Loki, and you’ve got Algrim and Malekith so you have some chance for a kind of an intimate connection. So it’s not just mustachioed villains blowing things up. [LAUGHS]

Algrim/Kurse and Malekith the Accursed seem like they are going to be a formidable foe for Thor, the Warriors Three, and the assembled forces of Asgard. The film seems to have a truly epic scope that will split its time between Earth, Asgard, and a few of the other Nine Realms. From all the trailer we’ve seen, it looks like Taylor has a good handle on the mythological elements of Asgard. You can also check out the new images released by Marvel below. What do you think of the latest villain talk? Any of the pictures strike your fancy? Thor: The Dark World hits theaters November 8th.
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Source : ScreenRant